Now find a quiet place to
close your eyes and
enjoy your healing meditation.

WAIT! Before You Hit the Hay Tonight…

Did you know that Meditation is one of the best ways to create happiness?

When you meditate, you are activating your brain’s “manifestation muscles”.  Most notably, when we meditate, our brain’s become more malleable in something called neuroplasticity.  


Neuroplasticity is simply this: we are able to change our lives by changing our thoughts.  And the good news is that this phenomenon isn’t just a catchy phrase: it’s a real science!

Would you like to know how to call in more happiness through manifestation?  
We would love to invite you to be apart of the Brain Flow Yoga Movement.

Meditation puts you in the Theta brain wave state. When your brain is producing theta brain waves, you feel a sense of calm and deep relaxation that is critical for manifestation.

In fact, did you know that when you feel stressed, it’s virtually impossible to learn, grow, heal, and manifest? That’s why people who meditate are such powerful manifesters!

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